Secret Sauce Productions Does Second Life Sales Events
We offer events, coordinated main store sales, and other in-world activities in Second Life. We promote some of the best designers on the grid, and offer top-shelf shopping experiences to users. We're not just another event team. We seek out those niches that haven't been filled and provide unique opportunities for designers and shoppers alike.

Our first regular event, Spicy will offer only adult furniture from a hand-picked collection of some of the best furniture designers in SL. 

Coming January 2020

Coordinated Sales
Picking up on the excellent reception of The Big Summer Sale in August, 2019, Secret Sauce will soon offer quarterly coordinated sales with a dozen or more participating stores!

Next Round Coming
in November 2019
Secret Sauce Productions Team

Angie Rasmusson


Cindy Evanier-Xaris


Lysana Firebride

QA/Rules Compliance Officerlysana.mcmillan

Laura GeniaViper

Blogger Managerlauragenia.viper
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Secret Sauce Productions adds a bit of spice to your Second Life through amazing events and excellent sales. Follow us on social media or through our in-world groups and subscribe-o-matics to learn about our next endeavors!